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Drop safes are also referred to as depository safes.This safe type serves a special purpose as compared to the conventional safe.It has a small opening or chute for deposit of cash and other valuables. These safes are built with a drop slot or chute, a ropper, or a depository door; all of which are used for the convenient and efficient deposit of valuables. Also, these safes are equipped with these mechanisms to make the withdrawal of its contents difficult without the proper authority. The doors to a drop safe may be locked in a number of available lock options ranging from a basic key, access codes, double key systems, and advance biometrics. The security and peace of mind any store or homeowner can have by purchasing a safe for their valuables is priceless. As such, it is advisable for people to consider the types of drop safes available in the market. These safes come in varying types, sizes, and styles. For good measure, people may check these safes to arrive at an informed, well thought out decision before buying one. Below are the different types of drop safes available in the market for businesses as well as home owners: Rear-loading drop safe This drop safe type is usually mounted in between two rooms or built inside a wall or cabinet. Deposits can be made from the back while its contents may be accessed through a door located at the front of the safe. These safes are very useful for instances when the two transactions: deposit and withdrawal, has to be made in two separate rooms for privacy or security reasons. Top-loading drop safe This drop safe is available in different sizes but all have one common denominator: the deposit slots are located on top of the safe. As its opening is located at the top of the safe, an extra mechanism can be added to allow the deposit of bigger items. Some top loading drop safes have roppers that turn 360 degrees for bigger items to go through. Front-loading drop safe The front loading drop safe is the most common type of such safes. This type also comes in varying sizes.The slot at the front can fit money or cheques for deposit with not enough space for the contents to be taken out without opening its door. For added security measure it may also be mounted higher or locked by the base on any solid surface. Double door depository This is also known as two-door depository. Thistype of drop safe can be a front-loading or top-loading safe that comes in different sizes and has two doors. The first door located at the top serves to protect items deposited into the safe.There’s a second door located underneath the drop area.This two-door system is an added security measure to protect the two compartments of this safe type namely: the drop area and the space after that which stores the deposit. With its structure, the double door depository is very efficient in preventing access to its contents. Small drop box This drop safe type is a very basic safe box that provides minimum security. It can be carried easily and may only store small amount of valuables at a time. It will be wise to mount it to make it more secure as it is fairly easy to carry out the door. Thus, small drop box safes usually come with pre-drilled base holes for mounting. Drop safe with interior lock This drop safe also comes in different sizes with deposit slots located on top, in front, or at the back. Its best feature is having another lock after opening the main lock outside limiting access to its inner locker where deposits made through the opening or chute are transferred. While this is an added security it can also mean granting access to the first part of the safe to other employees. A drop safe installation is a great way to manage cash inflow as well as a perfect way to keep cash and other valuables secure.The availability of various options in drop safesis sure to meet an owners’ requirements and expectations.