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Are you interested to play golf? Are you a beginner who has no idea about golf, except from what you mostly see which is hitting a golf ball across a wide green area? Have you seen some items at TaylorMade golf that grabbed your interest?Read on to know more about golf – its history, rules, equipment and etiquette. Golf Overview Golf is a game of precision. It’s a club and ball sport that has competing golfers; these golfers use different kinds of golf clubs to hit balls into holes. Your objective is to shoot the ball with as few strokes as possible. Golf is a game that doesn’t really require standard playing areas. The game is instead played on a course with an agreed progression of either 18 or 9 holes. The Golf Course You play golf on a course, and the course consists of the holes (each hole has a teeing ground with two markers that indicate the bounds of the teeing area), rough, fairway and other hazards, plus the putting green that’s surrounded by the fringe with a pin and a cup. The course’s grass levels differ to provide more difficulty, or in case of the green, to allow for putting. The typical golf course will consist of 18 holes; 9-hole courses are common though which usually are played twice. Golf Basic Rules To play golf, a player must have a set of clubs of different sizes and lengths, a golf bag, and a set of golf balls. Other accessories can be purchased but beginners can already start with the aforementioned items (You can purchase some at TaylorMade golf.). You then will have to choose on what type of game you’ll be playing. Usually professionals choose the ‘stroke play’ – it simply uses the number of strokes you take to complete the game to come up with your score. You’ll win if you have the least number of strokes. Team plays are about groups of golfers (usually two or three in a team) playing against each other. It’s quite the same as a stroke team; you count the strokes but the numbers are tallied as one team. Amateurs sometimes use handicaps when scores are being calculated – it allows you to deduct points from the total score. Equipment Used The right equipment will definitely help – you just have to remember that you don’t have to remove all contents of your savings account to begin playing the sport. What’s better is to find the right equipment that allows you to enhance your (understandably) imperfect skills with the smallest expense. A. Golf Ball This is the spherical and dimpled ball used in golf. Usually white, the diameter of the golf ball should not be less than 42.67mm, and the mass should not be more than 45.93 grams. You don’t have to spend much on them, too, as long as you know how to choose the right ball. B. Golf Clubs You need only a few clubs; you won’t use a lot of them if you’re still a beginner anyway. What you only need to have is a sand wedge, a putter and a driver plus a 6-iron and an 8-iron, a hybrid and a pitching wedge. Luckily, TaylorMade Golf clubs make ideal choices because of their quality. C. Golf Bag Since you’d be carrying a lot of stuff, it’s best for you to have a golf bag. Virtually golf bags are divided with supports at the top not only for rigidity but also for easier division of clubs of different types. Like any other activity, the hardest part about playing golf is getting started. Why do you play golf? Is it because of work? For social reasons? Is it just because your friends are doing it? How much time can you invest in it? Once you’re done with brainstorming and soul-searching, then it’s time to proceed with your plan. March to the nearest Taylormade golf store today, get what you need, and proceed with your golf magic. Author Bio: Rockbottomgolf has evolved into one of the top discount golf clubs in the world. Our core philosophy is to provide quality golfers with incredible deals on top quality golf shirts, golf shoes, golf apparels and golf equipment.We buy huge lots of closeout merchandise, keep our overhead as low as humanly possible, leverage technology and then pass the savings to the consumer.